When you are searching for a lucrative avenue to park your savings, property investments should rank high on your list of good investments.

Land is a precious asset, considering the fact that it does not even factor in depreciation as an expense over time like many other assets do. With that said, while investment in property has always been associated with stable returns and relatively low risk, when it comes to property investment, you need to make good decisions in order to benefit from it. At AS&Co. we offer a broad range of property investment services at a price that’ll fit right into your budget. Whether you are a seasoned landlord or thinking of investing in a property for the first time, our dedicated investor service is here to help you find and buy the right property in the UK to add to your portfolio.

At AS&Co, we truly care about our clients’ needs and requirements and consider that through property investment, we are not only helping them create their future, but are also helping them to achieve those things that truly matter most to them in life. With a team of highly-skilled and experienced professionals, we go above and beyond in terms of taking the legwork out of the investment process by meticulously researching through the whole of the market, against your chosen investment criteria and present our findings to you for consideration. In addition, we also help you in every step of the way in getting an investment visa. Leveraging years of experience, we at AS&Co, guide you in a truly professional way to invest in properties in the UK that will fetch you an appreciated value at a later stage. Not to mention, factors like property’s anticipated rental potential, estimated yields as well as comparables, any relevant charges and lease information among many others are all accounted for to help simplify the selection process.  At AS&Co, we are known for our speed, trust and most of all expertise and are committed to doing our best to get you an investor visa as well as find you best possible property with the best potential returns available in today’s market.

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